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Soccer Clubs

Using the “beautiful game” to transform lives

Open Arms Soccer Clubs use the “beautiful game” to engage children and youth between the ages of 6 and 16 who live in impoverished communities. Combining high quality volunteer trainers, facilities, and equipment with Bible-based mentoring and character development, Open Arms Soccer Clubs provide a place where young athletes can become men and women of integrity.


The Common Language of Sport

Soccer is the world’s game and the passion of rich and poor alike. As such, it is a platform unlike any other to reach the youth of the world with a biblical message of hope and a future. Open Arms provides Club participants with uniforms and tournament fees, training, and Bible study. Further, Open Arms provides an opportunity, bar none, for former athletes and coaches to use their knowledge and love of the sport to share their faith and to help mold the character of the next generation. Through Open Arms Coaching Clinics, these volunteer leaders are equipped and continually encouraged to provide the highest quality instruction and mentoring both on and off the field.enews-photo1

Join the Support Team

You can help the youth be involved in an Open Arms Soccer Club. Here are the options:

  • Team up – For a gift of $100 per month, you can help a team of 11 young people take the field.
  • President’s Box – For $333 per month, you can be the primary sponsor of a Club.

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