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Luzia Moreira

Location:  Assis, SP – Brazil


Luzia (Loo-Zee-Yah) was introduced to Open Arms in 2014 through her daughter Letícia, who was 6 years old at the time.  Leticia had been invited by a friend to go to the Open Arms club in her neighborhood. Luzia had never heard of Open Arms, so she followed along. Her daughter enjoyed the club so much that Luzia kept taking her.  At first she just watched her daughter during club, but then she also started helping. 

Sitting through the Bible teaching week after week, Luzia came to understand the gospel and her need for a Savior. She trusted Jesus there and continued to serve as a volunteer for two more years. In 2016 Luzia was invited to be the volunteer Project Coordinator.


Life wasn’t all roses after coming to know Jesus. During these years Luzia suffered through an abrupt abandonment by her husband.  Left to raise Leticia on her own, Luzia leaned even more on Christ and her Open Arms family. In 2020 she attended the Mission School of Open Arms in order to continue her growth as a believer and to move toward becoming a full-time missionary with Open Arms Worldwide. Later that year she was baptized surrounded by the team of Open Arms, her family of faith. 

In the beginning of 2022, she became a full-time Agent of Hope (missionary) in the large community of Assis III where she is now a pillar known by everyone as Aunt Luzia. 

Luzia says that before knowing about Open Arms and learning the truth of the gospel, she thought that just not doing evil was enough to be right with God. Through Open Arms she came to know Christ and the righteousness that comes by faith. It was out of gratitude for His gift that she began to serve. She never imagined that she would work with children, but God has used them to reveal Himself to her and soften her heart. 

Luzia’s daughter Leticia was baptized in 2022 and serves as a volunteer with her mom. 

Luzia’s Current Ministry

  • Leading the Open Arms Evangelism & Discipleship outreach in Assis III
    • Weekend Open Arms Club, Visitation ministry, Needs Assessments, Volunteer recruitment and training.
  • Girls Bible studies
  • Girls Futsal (5 a side court soccer)

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