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Limão Verde (Green Lemon) Indian Reservation

Aquidauana, Mato Grosso do Sul Brasil

brazil-aquiProject started: In 2013 as a result of Sarita’s work in a neighboring reservation.

Local Church Partner: UNIEDAS (Network of Indigenous Churches)

Tribal Group: Terena Indians

Language: Portuguese & Terena

Children participating per week: 60-70

Economy: Small-scale farming

Challenges: Alcohol addiction, poverty, unemployment, violence, conflict with ranchers

Interesting tidbits: Learn to say “Great God” in Terena – Hanaiti Ituko’oviti (Hi-nahee-chee  ee-too-ko’ ou-vi-chee), Aquidauana sits at the beginning of one of the world’s largest wetlands, the Pantanal, which straddles Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay in South America, and the world’s largest fresh water aquifer, the Guarani Aquifer.

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