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June/July 2021 News from the Field

Tangible Love in Jesus’ name
Perhaps you have been following the pictures of the construction of a home for Teresa and her 8 grand-children since early September of 2020. Nine months of laughter, hard work, patience, relationship building, fund raising, and a lot of Brazilian coffee later, on May 28th, our team joined together to deliver the completed project, and what a party it was.
Teresa spent 36 years living in two small rooms with as many as 11 people between children and grandchildren, without a real bathroom or kitchen. For those 36 years, she prayed and waited. Through her grandchildren’s involvement in Open Arms neighborhood ministries, we came to know of their situation. With the help of faithful partners like you, we were able to be the answer to her prayers. At the same time, Teresa blessed our team with her example of humility, patience, wisdom, and faith.
The Construction Crew

The Construction Crew

On behalf of Dona Teresa, her children, and grandchildren, thank you!

Shelter from the Storm – Another Home for another Open Arms family
For you have been a stronghold to the poor,
a stronghold to the needy in his distress,
a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat;
or the breath of the ruthless is like a
storm against a wall. -Isaiah 25:4
As though pandemic lockdowns and job losses weren’t enough, Cirlene’s home, where she shelters and cares for her 3 young daughters who all attend Open Arms neighborhood bible clubs, was destroyed by a windstorm that ripped though their humble neighborhood in central-west Brazil. They lost everything but their clothing in the storm. Sarita Romeiro, our Agent of Hope on the ground in that neighborhood jumped into action to help meet their immediate needs, and activated the Open Arms network of missionaries and partners to rebuild.

In partnership with The Paradigm Foundation (paradigmfoundation.org/), our team in Brazil got to work on assessing the family’s needs, projecting a new home design, and starting the building process. Today the project is nearing completion and our hope is that the family can move in by the end of August.

Clockwise from top left – What was left after the storm, a new foundation, raising up the walls, roof installed


Your partnership with Open Arms allows us to continue the work of bringing gospel hope to children and youth, and participate in the miracle of changed lives. On behalf of Cirlene and her girls, thank you!

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