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Giving Thanks

Brian Fikkert, in his book “When Helping Hurts,” says, “Poverty is rooted in broken relationships, so the solution to poverty is rooted in the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection to put all things in right relationship again.”  A key part of restoring those relationships is restoring the value of thankfulness.  Open Arms’ Agent of Hope, Mariane Rodrigues, has done an excellent job of connecting local businesses into the work of reaching the children and adolescents of their community with our message of hope in Jesus. Part of that connecting is making the children aware of those who are blessing them and teaching them to have a spirit of thankfulness.  Mariane recently took the children to a local bakery that donates bread for the children’s snacks at Open

Candido Mota

Arms, just to say thank you.  It took the owner and her staff by such surprise that they in turn showered the kids with lollipops!  Having both a generous and thankful heart creates a cycle that feeds on itself!  As Mariane said, “The main objective of this teaching moment was to instill the importance of being thankful to God and to the people He puts in our paths to bless us.”

Partner with us in rebuilding lives and communities one child, one relationship at a time.  Give today by clicking HERE.

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