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Another Testimony of Hope

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  

John 8:36

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Hugo was a young man who was in youth detention in Brazil for murder. The team from Open Arms’ “Project Zadok” ministered the gospel to Hugo some three years ago in prison and he received Jesus as his Savior.  Our team continued to disciple him even after he was released.  Then suddenly, he disappeared and we lost contact with him completely.  We heard rumors that he had gone back into crime, but no one knew for sure.  In February, some three years later, Hugo reached out and called an Open Arms volunteer.  He apologized and said he’d had to change his cell phone number and move to get away from the gang. He is firmly walking with the Lord, has a job, and is attending a church in his new neighborhood.  As he was reading the bible that Project Zadok had given him in prison, a piece of paper with the volunteers’ phone number on it fell out.  He wanted to call to say thank you and let us know he’s doing well.

Young people like Hugo are passing from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s Son in part because of the sacrificial gifts of people just like you. Those gifts continue to allow us to be the “open arms” of Jesus to children and youth who are in desperate need of the hope that only He can give.   We would be honored for you to join us today.  DONATE TODAY.


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