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Alan Cavalcante

Location: Florestópolis, PR – Brazil

Program Lead: Jardim Floresta, Florestópolis


“My dream is to see the children in every at-risk neighborhood in our city have access to an Open Arms outreach, so that they can know the Hope that is in Jesus.”


Alan dos Santos Cavalcante, born March 19, 1996.


Theology – Filadelfia University of Londrina

Testimony & Calling

The desire to serve God has burned in my heart as long as I can remember.  I came to faith in Jesus very young.  My sister would take me to the independent Presbyterian Church in our town and that is where I came to know Jesus. I was baptized in 2010 and serve in my home church both as a worship and youth leader to this day.

I began to study Theology because I felt the Lord was leading me into full-time ministry.  I thought this would be as a Pastor, but I wasn’t sure. As I studied, I continued to pray that God would reveal to me the direction He would have me take.  I had volunteered with Open Arms for several years, but it hadn’t occurred to me that this could be my calling. Shortly before graduation, my pastor and another Open Arms missionary approached me because they felt that I could take leadership of the mission in our city.  I knew immediately that this was the answer to my prayer.  It is God who calls, God who equips, and God who opens the doors.  I simply walked through the door.

Support Need

Alan’s current support need is for $1,000 per month.
Click HERE to support Alan today.

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